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Wedding Favors For Summer Weddings

Wedding Favors for Summer Weddings

The summer is a very popular time for weddings. In fact June is one of the most popular times of the year for couples to get married. The prepossessing weather is one of the primary reasons that many couples opt for this time of year for their wedding. There is less of a chance that weather will affect the plans for the wedding and many couples feel confident planning outdoor weddings for this time of the year. However, other couples simply enjoy the summertime and opt to have their wedding at this time of year for that reason exclusive. Whatever the reason the couple opts for a summer wedding, they are likely to want to incorporate the idea of summer into the wedding favors they distribute.

Beach themed weddings are very popular in the summertime. The couple may be having the ceremony and reception on the beach or they may simply be incorporating a beach theme into an indoor wedding. In both cases, however, the couple will likely opt to give the guests some type of favor related to the beach. Magnets shaped like sandals are a very popular option for weddings this past of year or for wedding featuring a beach theme.

Another great idea for a favor for a summertime wedding is a candle designed to reflect the season. Candles in the physique of seashells or even votive candles in holders designed to look like sand pails are both great ideas. Known are even candles in the shape of dolphins and whales available. These may be further expensive but depending on your budget for wedding favors might be a viable option.

Items such as artificial leis or other flowers can also be appropriate as wedding favors for a summer wedding. If you are planning to have flowers as your centerpieces on the tables you may wish to give each of your guests a single flower matching the ones used prominence your centerpieces as a favor. This is a great idea because when you do this your favors will also serve to enhance the décor at your reception by closely matching the centerpieces. Giving a fresh flower being a favor is appropriate but you might also opt to give an artificial flower. This is because artificial flowers can be kept by your guests as a record of your wedding while more flowers will likely wilt shortly after the wedding. Some of your guests may dry or press the fresh flowers to create a chronology but the majority of them will simply discard the flower once it wilts.

Picture frames are also simple popular as wedding favors for summertime weddings. This is as picture frames come in so many different styles that the couple is near to find a picture frame which has a definite summer feel to it. There are picture frames which feature beach scenes, picture frames which are adorned with seashells and a wide variety of other whimsical picture frames which convey the pith of summertime. Picture frames can not only be found in a wide variety of styles but are also very practical gifts. Many wedding guests enjoy receiving picture frames as wedding favors because they now have a place to store a photo of the new couple. Still other wedding guests enjoy receiving picture frames as wedding favors simply because they always have use for another picture conformation and can use this frame to store pictures of friends or family members.




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