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Wedding Favors For Less Than One Dollar

Wedding Favors for Less Than One Dollar

When largely individuals think of wedding favors they do not think it will be a substantial part of the wedding budget. This is largely because the unit price of each wedding favor is often quite low. However, it is important to remember that this price must be multiplied by the number of guests in attendance and this can really add up if there are a large unit of guests at the wedding. It can also add up quickly if the unit price is quite high. As example look at wedding favors with unit prices of $2 besides $10. If you plan to have 500 guests at your wedding and give each one a $2 favor your budget for wedding favors will be the same as it would be if you scheme to have a small wedding of individual 100 humans and give each of them a favor which costs $10. In both cases you would need to have a budget of $1000 for wedding favors. From this example you can look at why it is right imperative to consider both the unit price as well as the number of guests. Fortunately, whether you are having a big or a small wedding there are many wedding favors available for less than $1 which can help to keep the wedding favor budget low. This article will dispense some ideas for wedding favors which typically cost less than $1.

Place card holders are one sense of wedding favor which is typically available for less than $1 per place card holder. There are certainly some place card holders which will charge much more than $1 per unit but you are up to also find many which are priced under $1. Place card holders make great wedding favors because they not only serve a purpose at the wedding but they can also be used as small picture frames by the guests after the wedding.

Tins containing mints are another option for wedding favors which are often priced at under $1 per unit. These tins come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes but the tins which are priced at less than $1 are likely to be quite small. However, there are also a wide variety of designs available. You can dominion ones which feature a tuxedo design or a wedding dress. You can also jewel tins with wedding bells or flowers on the top.

Deeper way to good buy wedding favors for less than $1 per favor is to inquire with the wedding favor distributor about clearance or closeout items. These are often items which have been discontinued or which the distributor is not planning to stock anymore. Many distributors are willing to offer these favors at discounted prices because they do not have many left and are immense to free up space in their warehouse. If these items have been outmoded or the distributor is not willing to order more you may be limited to the number of favors the distributor has in stock. If this quantity is enough to meet your needs, you are certainly money luck but if you need more than is available, it might be a good idea to search for other inexpensive wedding favors unless you perceive for sure there is another distributor who can sell you additional quantities of the same favor.




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